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is how people work remote

Launched in the Coronavirus pandemic, amidst a crushing global recession, we help #survivors who refuse to go down find sustainable income streams. Buy, sell or teach your skills from a safe social distance.

A buyer in Joburg. A seller in NYC. Their worlds touch on Jane's platform, simply and productively. Work the way you want, solve problems creatively and collaborate across timezones. HostJane's powerful messaging & work boards bring innovative tools to people who already have a shared purpose. HostJane is made for you to do #yourbestwork.

A marketplace like no other

We solve a brain drain on labor and help small business keep money moving.

Each year an increasingly smaller pool of gatekeepers charge higher prices to access expert labor. With remaining brain power locked under contract by multinationals and funneled out of top schools through employment; the feeder for small businesses to grow large shut down for Covid-stressed startups wanting overpriced or unavailable resources. HostJane offers light at the end of the tunnel. A secure trust platform where top engineers, teachers and freelancers can be hired anonymously, in a smarter workspace; a fairer destination where intellectual labor as virtual services can be accessed at low prices. We help companies make better business decisions.

  • Find sellers to work with you
  • VPS hosting

    Save money and time with a faster VPS hosting solution.

    Run high-use, intensive websites and applications at a lower dollar cost per month. HostJane's high-quality VPS and dedicated computes offer 100% SSD storage, Intel® cores, and professional management options to assist small teams close the gap on big competitors. Everything is possible.

  • Explore pricing
  • Vision and mission

    To be a turn-key destination for startups and small businesses, offering cheap freelance services and web hosting on tap, and keeping money moving for all sides.

    We help businesses do smarter work. Highlighted by our principles of payment protection, lower costs, simplicity, quality and variety.

  • Find the skills you need
  • Our values

    Women make the world go round.

    HostJane is for Female equality. We believe a world where Jane Doe has equal access to the same equal opportunities as males, and where gender discrimination is eliminated, that all of us are empowered and enriched by that brighter future. We pledge to donate a proportion of our profits to organizations fighting the scourge of gender discrimination & inequality against women and girls.

  • Jane is powerful
  • 08/08/2018Incorporation
    WyomingRegistered business
    17*Datacenter locations

    * As of June 2022

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    HostJane shares stories, tips and profiles from freelancers who survived Covid and used our platform to turn thin air into cash - to create value from nothing.


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    Get access to a library of comprehensive docs for VPS hosting. HostJane's SSD-powered Intel virtual machines offer better pricing and web hosting technology.

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    Equality and transparency are core to HostJane's values needed to achieve our vision. Read our marketplace rules that underpin our community's transactions.


    We champion open-source technology. We structured our platform from early stage to help buyers connect with the world's best freelancers.