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is how people work remote

Launched in the Coronavirus pandemic, amidst a crushing global recession, we help #survivors who refuse to go down find sustainable income streams. Buy, sell & share your skills from a safe social distance.

A buyer in San Jose. A seller in Delhi. Their worlds touch on Jane's platform, simply and productively. Work the way you want, solve problems creatively and collaborate across timezones. HostJane's powerful messaging & work boards bring innovative tools to people who already have a shared purpose. HostJane is made for you to do #yourbestwork.

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Cut out the middle man. Stop paying too much to agencies who secretly outsource to freelancers.

Today’s economic climate has never been more remote. HostJane gives you a powerful lens to find skilled freelancers that edge your business with the ability to make better business decisions, wherever you are. Designed with successful freelancers from conception to Q&A testing, HostJane fires on the most intuitive, secure and powerful platform, with hundreds of thousands of skill types. We deleted the gatekeepers. Keep your project connected, share ideas and get more done.

  • Find sellers to work with you
  • VPS Hosting

    Servers that are as easy to deploy as they are to manage & use.

    HostJane provides a comprehensive VPS experience for small & mid-sized businesses to thrive running resource-intensive applications and high-traffic sites. With the right tools in place, we believe any small team can compete with multinational IT resources. Everything is possible.

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  • Vision & Values

    The people you outsource to are also your partners.

    We could not have launched our business without freelancers. Agencies grossly overcharge for the exact same expertise that independent freelancer can offer for less. The strategy behind our vision is to help businesses do smarter work, highlighted by our principles of payment protection, lower costs, simplicity, quality and variety.

  • Engage the best independent creators
  • Our Mission

    Women make the world go round.

    HostJane is for Female equality. We believe a world where Jane Doe has equal access to the same equal opportunities as males, and where gender discrimination is eliminated, that all of us are empowered and enriched by that brighter future. We pledge to donate a proportion of our profits to organizations fighting the scourge of gender discrimination & inequality against women and girls.

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    17*Datacenter locations

    * As of July 2021

    We host questions and answers on themes, code, plugins & apps that support small businesses to grow.
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    Ask (and answer) questions from our diverse community. Find relevant information in an ecosystem devoted to finding new ways to solve difficult problems.


    We cover what our developers from all around the world are building with amazing buyers. Their story is our story.


    Build, learn & scale your project with comprehensive guides written by trusted developers.


    Get access to a library of comprehensive docs for VPS hosting. HostJane's SSD-powered Intel virtual machines offer better value & resource infrastructure.

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    Connect to our community through HostJane's official Discord chat. Remember to read the rules before posting. Voice chat enabled.


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    We champion open-source technology. See how we structured our platform from scratch to help buyers connect with 'the optimum' freelancer for their project.