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You decide when and how often you work

Accept or reject jobs at your leisure with no pressure. Doesn't matter if you're building a website in your lunch hour or teaching lessons on Zoom, HostJane works around you.


What does it cost?

Free. No listing or hidden fees.

Highest income in the industry?

Yes. Keep 95% of any sale.

How do I get paid?

PayPal, wire or direct deposit (US).

How do I start?

Things you'll need

  • A Skill – something you can do that most people have to pay for
  • Enough time – to make your work good for buyers & meet tight deadlines
  • A valid email address – use a phone app like gmail so you know about new messages, orders & all activity
  • A PayPal or bank account – to receive payouts on each order

Work from

All you need is WiFi!

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