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Business Help / Consulting

Partner with business analysts for strategic recommendations and data assessments to improve pricing, indicators and business model; SQL and Saleforce support.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I hire a business consultant?
Whether you're a SME operating with a distributed workforce (https://www.sap.com/insights/distributed-workforce.html) or a startup who already has an in-person team that fully understands the basic fundamentals of operating your business, the role of a business consultant is to bring an independent, non-biased viewport to improve technology use and help you understand and if necessary design, and implement Salesforce technology solutions. Freelance business consultants should help you transform your business giving a new perspective of problem solving and analytic skills equipped with advanced proficiency in Office365 esp. Microsoft Excel, familiarity with statistical analyses, and using data sources including Bloomberg to improve your balance sheet for long-term growth.
The right freelancer will have a resume demonstrating a mix of hands-on coaching, mentoring, and training. They will be able to help you with all aspects of your business from creating prototypes in form of sketches and wireframes using basic usability principles to helping you conduct market research including new industry trends, and provide financial modeling related to business case development to help you find new business opportunities. You should see experience with ERP, BI and Visualization Tools such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI in the skills portfolio on their HostJane listing.

This should cover understanding changes in industry structure and how to respond to competitors of all sizes. Check the consultant's degree is in economics / finance, strategy consulting, corporate strategy, investment banking, or private equity. A financial analyst will have certifications from FINRA: https://www.finra.org/search; and a broker should be validated by BrokerCheck: https://brokercheck.finra.org/. The hire should definitely have recent experience with user story writing and agile project management. Legitimate consultants will also most likely have retirement industry knowledge with IRA and small business retirement accounts.
Firstly the right freelancer should come up with ways to help you prospect and grow your active clients list via targeted outbound campaigns, identifying new product and upsell opportunities in your unique business landscape and helping you set sales targets and KPIs (e.g. contract value and volume, acquisition, growth and client satisfaction). They should provide support and ideas for onboarding customers with set-up help readying those customers for success and building an ongoing pipeline, customized to your business's needs for funneling prospective leads to your door.

There should be in their plan a drive to help you win back business and proactively identify opportunities to add value to your business with competitor analysis and sourcing of trusted new clients and customers.