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Freelance graphic artists with outstanding Adobe CC skills; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects; good eye for design and ability to work fast. Find Freelance Artists WFH freelancers on November 30, 2023 who work remotely. Read less

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
What do professional artists learn at college?
Hiring an artist who has received a formal education brings a professionalism to your team that can support your visual design goals and put investors' minds at rest. Modern culture is a visual culture, deluged with images from the popular media—advertising, photography, television, film and video—and professional contexts from the courtroom, the hospital, the lecture hall. From fractal theory in the sciences to computer imaging, visual knowledge is central to critical thinking in the late twentieth century. The historical study of art, architecture and visual culture provides the understanding and the language necessary for analyzing space and image and recognizing their social impact. The making of art develops the ability to think visually and resolve spatial problems at the same time that it involves the resonant satisfactions of creativity.

Art History is interdisciplinary. It involves the student in the politics and economics of the period in which the work was produced as well as in its literature and religion. As in other fields of the Humanities, students are given the opportunity to develop their ability to formulate ideas orally and in writing. But in the study and criticism of structures and images, students refine their powers of gathering information visually as well as verbally. As a consequence of the historical and critical training involved in the study of Art History, majors are well-prepared for careers in any of the professions.

Although a passion for the visual artifact must lie at the core of successful work in the history or practice of art, both Art History and Studio training are current and practical. The study of art provides the excitement and pleasure of a new awareness of your physical context, a new and compelling way to think and debate, a new perspective on past and present realities.
Ideally, she or he should have a high level working knowledge of design software packages including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of products (primarily Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator & Acrobat) as well as website design, content management and video/animation applications.
Because of its emphasis on precise observation, description, and clear expression, majoring in Visual Arts and Art History provides an excellent preparation for a wide range of careers from teaching to museum curation (restoration and conservation, as well as architectural preservation) to those who complete Visual Arts majors and earn Masters of Fine Arts to become practicing artists on freelance websites like HostJane. A number of HJ artists have backgrouns as architects, urban planners, or landscape architects. Some have been able to combine their interests in art with other professions; they specialize as legal advisors to museums, dealers, or private and corporate collectors. Others become involved in arts management for private, local, or federal agencies, or they serve as consultants who advise individuals and businesses in purchasing art collections. A career in art freelancing presupposes a love of research, several recent hires from the ArtJane fulfillment by HostJane program have completed Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright fellowships.