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Find Jamstack WFH freelancers in December 09, 2022 who work remotely. Find a Jamstack freelancer in December 2022. With no database, web server or application to hack, Jamstack static site generators (e.g. Gatsby or NextJS) with or without a Headless CMS (e.g. Prismic or Contentful) offer architecture with better security, lower costs and faster serving of content.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
Why are Jamstack sites cheaper to run?
From pre-rendering to supercharging with API use (https://jamstack.org/what-is-jamstack/) there are many good reasons to use a Jamstack architecture, but the main one is the low cost because you can eliminate expensive web application servers and database servers almost completely from your stack - you can run a faster, cheaper web presence using this incredible technology! Ever since Netlify's CEO Mathias Biilmann introduced the Jamstack, companies have been able to achieve continuous deployment with either Netlify or competitors Render and Vercel at low prices with few limits. GitHub Pages also uses Jamstack with Jekyll (https://jamstack.org/generators/jekyll/). Top search tools like Algolia can be used for your Jamstack (https://support.algolia.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406975214737-Can-I-use-Algolia-in-my-JAMstack-application-) ensuring that development and maintenance monthly costs can be reduced by usually 95% or more if you are an SME relying on a traditional stack website or web application.
A good understanding of building and designing SaaS applications ; Solid understanding of modern frontend frameworks (g., React, CRA, NextJS); Solid understanding of TypeScript; Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and processors (g., SASS/SCSS/LESS); Experience with CSS-in-JS (g., Styled Components/Emotion); Experience with GraphQL and GQL tools; Experience with frontend tooling (g., NPM/Yarn, Webpack, ESLint); Experience writing maintainable code, code refactoring, improving web app performance, managing production applications; Experience with git source control and services (GitHub/BitBucket); Experience with modern software engineer practices like Agile, DevOps and CI/CD.


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