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Game developers in Unity, Adobe Animate, Android, Flowlab, GameMaker, GameSalad, Unreal Engine, GDevelop, Construct, Blender, ARKit, Autodesk, Stencyl and more. Find Game Development WFH freelancers on February 29, 2024 who work remotely. Read less

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
What skills should a Unity game developer have?
In addition to understanding math calculations related to a game (standard deviation, hit rates, transformation, matrix, and linear algebra), your Extended-Reality (XR) Unity game developer will need experience in 3D modeling and character animation in Unity and Blender; experience in scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, user session management and writing Unity Editor tooling. They will also likely require shader programming experience in Cg (C for Graphics) and High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) for low-power systems such as mobile, VR and consoles. Experience optimizing, profiling and debugging Unity is paramount. She or he will need web, backend and frontend technologies (Swift, Java, Python, HTML/CSS); look for experience in these programming languages in their listing: JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Ruby/Rails, Python, Object-Oriented Programming, C#, experience in Extended Reality…MR, AR, VR, Spatial UX.
Unity Engine is best for solo and small team projects, using C# programming. Unreal Engine uses C++ language and blueprints (visual scripts) that allow more experienced game developers working in larger teams to prototype games with more complex graphics.
In Unity's scripting, there are built-in methods for every script that get called by the engine at preloaded times. They are named Start, Awake and Update. Start and Awake methods are used for initializing and setting certain objects and components on game objects, Start runs when object is created while Awake is executed when game is first executed. Update method is used for checking or updating variables on each frame game runs through.
Because PC games, console and handheld games need many customizations to be commercially successful, most gaming companies look for developers who love solving problems with 3+ solid years experience with Unreal Engine (UE4 and later), who are proficient with C++ and who have have shipped a product using the Unreal Engine. They want developers who know their way around server side game architecturek, to the extent of being able to edit how games output to different devices to improve upon the performance of previous titles; A college-educated CS or developer with experience with VR using Unreal Engine and strong technical skills including understanding of software development principles. Being able to act as a mentor and teach others with experience working in an Agile environment is also valued. Has the developer led projects or features, got any experience with online multiplayer games using Unreal and the associated tooling and optimization of the Unreal Engine. If you have experience with IOT integrations in Games using Unreal that will make you a winning candidate to get hired.