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File Conversions

File conversion experts to convert files / audio / video formats, codecs / compression, frame synchronizers (e.g. aspect ratio); FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Find File Conversions WFH freelancers on June 06, 2023 who work remotely. Read less

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
What do buyers expect from book file conversion sellers on HostJane?
A September 2022 survey of 90 print conversion buyers of file converting services on HostJane found 51 (over 50%) said they expected to receive print-ready manuscript and cover files, with 33 saying they expected all fonts to be embedded in PDF files with the seller taking care of bleed elements and printer's margin of safety (without wrongly or incorrectly positioned white margins) around text to allow for variance in printing if text/images are too close to trim edges (top, bottom, outside) being damaged in the printing and binding process. 40 buyers of book file conversion services said they expected sellers to be experienced enough to give guidance on crop marks, all typesetting, page count, spot color and ICC profiles, rule lines and spreads/format issues in book galleys and proofs for printer digital file submissions.
Hiring a professional, human file converter ensures consistent formatting over relying on free, generic and versatile though unsecure file converters that run through algorithm APIs like CloudConvert (