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Math / Science Help

Hire graduate mathematicians and applied scientists to support business applications, statistical processes and career knowledge for complex ventures.. Find Math / Science Help WFH freelancers on February 02, 2023 who work remotely. Read less

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
What jobs need mechanical/structural computer-aided design (CAD) experience?
Usually engineering jobs will need expertise with MathCAD, F.E.M. Software, and other engineering software programs used for design, all requiring basic proficiency in AutoCAD like Revit.
We have developed a hive of statisticians to accept on-demand jobs creating and using statistical algorithms to answer questioins from college level to complex research questions. Expertise in statistical analyses including generalized linear model, multilevel modeling, data mining, survey methodology and Bayesian influences. People who have experience conducting power calculations to determine sample size needed to answer research questions, analyze survey files including survey data quality control and augmentations, with a demonstrated ability to work with large data sets using statistical software packages (SAS, R, SPSS, STATA, etc.)

We welcome data scientists and statisticians, people who can apply understanding of data structures, data modeling and software architecture to tough problems. Whether it be problems in math, probability, statistics and algorithms, logistic and linear regression, PCA, XG Boost, Bert, CNN and RNN, decision tree analysis and deep learning algorithms or working in Python programming and machine learning frameworks such as SK-learn, TensorFlow, Py-torch, the skills are available either through a FBH (Fulfilment by HostJane) provider or independent freelancer.
Companies who need to use real-time market price data (e.g., equities, currencies, commodities, and the macro economies) use data scientists and statisticans to conduct statistical modelling, often with programming languages such as R, MATLAN, Python, for the purpose of analyzing risk, valuations, trends and patterns, returns, market sentiment / opportunities, and technical indicators. We encourage users with tertiary qualifications in Finance, Economics, Statistics, Actuaries to offer services in this category.
Statisiticians familiar with SAS code for Macros and using SAS Macro library are valued here. We want statistical programmers who can create tables, figures, listings, and analyze databases or ensure data sets are ready for analysis. HostJane therefore looks for sellers with strong analytical and problem solving skills who can mine data in SAS, SQL, DB2, Oracle, Teradata, etc, analyze code, data sources and large data sets with experience identifying gaps and errors, and expertie with test script creation and testing automation.