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Top Frequently Asked Questions
I need to improve my site's HTML code. What skills should I look for?
Search for a Frontend Developer with experience in design, writing testable, effective and communicative code, building and testing of UI, especially in experience building CSS3/HTML 5/JavaScript/AJAX applications. If they list eExperience with libraries such as ExtJS, jQuery, or Dojo - that's an advantage. If you have a TypeScript based script like Angular, which has it's own HTML events directive, you will need someone with those code qualifications.

Otherwise, while not essential, experience with the ExtJS framework will show your prospctive developer has cross platform experience in such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting and can handle most HTML jobs. Also be on the look out for JavaScript unit-testing experience, using tools such as JSUnit, qUnit, DOH or Jasmine, is a strong advantage. In any case, you will want to give your HTML job to an HTML/CSS expert with a strong UX/UI Front End focus with recent portfolio work that demonstrates high-level graphic design skills (Photoshop or GIMP), creating icons, and for example CSS “sprite” pallets; as well as experience with standard tools eg version control (Git, Mercurial, SVN), build tools (Maven, Ant, Gradle, Rake).
Developing rich applications with HTML/CSS/JS (for example with React, Angular or Vue) to do anything meaningful like building e-commerce platforms to design and develop online shopping applications; building custom themes and features from scratch; building modifications to existing elements; building plugins, modules and extensions; writing SQL queries; designing and developing Restful APIs; and strong debugging skills to iron out problems in the code; these will all need knowledge of backend technologies to make the applications work.

Whether working in Typescript, React or Angular, Java, Spring and Jakarta Persistence (JPA), Javascript, HTML/CSS, Typescript or developing security implications for web applications (OWASP) and protecting relational databases and SQL; knowledge of the backend will be a necessary goal for all HTML coders to responsibly design secure applications that don't exhaust server resources.
Usually UX developers and UX web designers focused on building and maintaining Design System components for best practice UI across Responsive/Mobile first design, Form design, Usability, Performance and Accessibility. In this area are the people with the deepest CSS knowledge and CSS frameworks (LESS/SASS etc) experience because they work permanently in front end and UI/UX design. This will include tasks for prototyping React applications UI for form-based flows and dashboards, updating theme layers for UI branding and problem solving around front-end systems, automation, and efficiency.

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