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Spreadsheets / Excel / Office

Microsoft 365 office experts for hire proficient in excel worksheets, Spreadsheet formatting, Formulas, sort unstructured data, create reports and graphs. Find Spreadsheets / Excel / Office WFH freelancers on September 25, 2023 who work remotely. Read less

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
What skills are needed in Excel by remote workers?
Navigating Microsoft Excel 365 for analyzing, handling and presenting data; creating worksheets and workbooks, setting up and running best, realistic and worst case scenarios in Excel scenario manager; using pivot tables to analyze data, trace precedents to understand cause and effect within the data, audit worksheets; formatting numbers, generating charts, conditional formatting, and manipulating data formulae associated with logical, statistical, financial and mathematical operations are now key digital skills for every freelancer in all business, tutoring, software and computational based fields and many other arenas like business where even simple tasks like sorting and filtering data, naming data ranges and using names in calculations are required too often to not know how to do it yourself.

Knowing special functions in Excel spreadsheets, how to import and export, create, record and run macros, hiding and grouping, text functions, logical and reference functions, filling, and analyze data with advanced formulas and functions (to give a few examples: COUNTIF to count the number of cells that meet a criterion; SUMIF to sum the values in a range that meet criteria, VLOOKUP() and Horizontal Lookup (HLOOKUP), DATE and TIME functions, PMT, PV, FV, DATABASE Functions) are all needed by freelancers to work faster, understand Excel for data validation and to make presentations. You will secure more jobs more of the time with knowledge of data tables, Excel skills for worksheet calculations.
Microsoft's Excel program has dominated for years but many businesses are now turning to Google Sheets for data analysis (https://www.google.com/sheets/about/) which have powerful functions, absolute and relative references and allow you to work with the same cell formulas familiar in Excel from SUMS to