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Technical Support

Troubleshoot, diagnose, resolve IT hardware / software issues; SQL Server and IIS 7+ experience; Windows 10, Windows Server 2012+; LAN, WiFi, WAN, IP knowledge. Find Technical Support WFH freelancers on December 11, 2023 who work remotely. Read less

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
What does a computer technician do?
With COVID work-from-home orders, many IT computer technician jobs became remote service desk roles; Troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware, computer peripherals and software problems; resolving tickets, talking to end users, and addressing day to day issues of businesses, colleges and people needing support of workstations, mobile devices and core application software.

We talked to an IT tech a NYU and tasks in the technician's average day included building / imaging Windows devices to supporting Windows Server, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016 suite or latest MS suite, Active Directory (including group policy, printer server functionality) and Domain Windows File Sharing. Other tasks will include use of help desk, inventory management, and patch management software for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving technology and system issues; performing network connectivity troubleshooting, Windows network troubleshooting.
The best IT support and computer repair workers haven't necessarily a college background. Check in their listing or reviews evidence of successfully installing and upgrading hardware, doing general service checkups or mentions that they are competent diagnosing software and hardware related issues.

Can they configure new systems and upgrade old computers? Not everyone upgraded to Windows 10, there are still many companies using old versions of Windows 7 having been put off by Microsoft's misstep removing the start button; the expense of upgrades provides for some surprising arrangements where offices are running on old Windows tech. Every good technician should be competent in conducting and instrucing on Virus / malware detection and removal; remote desktop sharing with TeamViewer software remains helpful in diagnosis and resolving issues.

HostJane is a virtual services marketplace but knowledge of offline Laptop & Tablet screen replacements are still valid. Look for sound industry experience in diagnosing, troubleshooting, installing, and repairing hardware faults, software issues, network problems, across laptops, desktops, Macs and PCs and confidence in advising on data backups.
Firstly, search for an IT support worker who matches your support needs. Do you need someone who has operational knowledge of Linux Server troubleshooting , Unix, Unix Server, Local Area Network (LAN) Support and VMWare, or just someone to provide basic desktop support in Google Workspace, Microsoft and Apple desktop platforms or write and edit content on WordPress like instaling plug-ins, editing WordPress themes and basic PHP files, HTML and CSS. Secondly, when placing an order with your selected freelancer on HostJane, in the job details summary at checkout, be very clear about the scope of your project. Be specific about the type of operating system. Is it macOS Big Sur. 11.2.3, macOS Catalina. 10.15.7m macOS Mojave. 10.14.6. macOS High Sierra etc you need helpe with? Do you need IT troubleshooting in PC hardware, hardware drivers, software, client/server environments and operating systems or is it a job requiring work in SCCM, JAMF, and ServiceNow? This is why we recommend you contact computer technicians first to best align your needs with their abilities and ensure they have verbal and written communication skills to meet your expectations.