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HostJane Hosting - Answers to top questions

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Answers to top questions

Hold tight! HostJane will send you the server credentials by encrypted email on account approval.

HostJane's managed network of AWS servers are world-class resources, with near 100% uptime.

To protect the AWS network from abuse, HostJane has an additional verification step that is usually fast but in some cases can take up to 5 hours.
It's faster and cuts paperwork for the fast-paced businesses we serve. Our customers don't need any more passwords to remember or apps on their phone.

HostJane's solution of selling expertly managed AWS servers (with close to 100% uptime in the AWS cloud), on guest checkout, works for those who need caring support 24/7 and are happy to let Stripe (not us) manage their credit card.
You can manage your payment on Stripe's billing portal (https://billing.stripe.com/p/login/3cs9AL9Aocs5dz2dQQ) and contact HostJane customer service by email below for any issues.

Alternatively use Messenger (https://m.me/hostjanecom) to contact HostJane's live chat team.
HostJane doesn't sell domains. You will need to contact your domain registrar to update your domain's A-record to point to your AWS server managed by HostJane.

Follow our free guide for help: https://help.hostjane.com/vps-hosting/point-your-domain/

HostJane customer support is available free of charge, you can contact us below if you continue to experience problems.
Unfortunately it's not instant. You'll need to wait up to 72 hours in some cases for your domain's A-record change to propagate through the DNS system, but it's usually a lot quicker. Read our help guide for tips: https://help.hostjane.com/vps-hosting/point-your-domain/#check-domain-is-propagated
Stripe manages your payments, not HostJane. To update your card or manage your subscription, use the email you paid with to access the Stripe billing portal: https://billing.stripe.com/p/login/3cs9AL9Aocs5dz2dQQ

Changes are instant.
We can help you with issues that affect the uptime or functionality of your AWS server under our management promise. This includes:

- Server infrastructure issues
- Server up-time
- DNS issues at server level
- Updates and patches
- System critical functions
- cPanel misconfigurations or usability problems

If you need a web designer or developer to troubleshoot a bug or error, contact a technology seller on HostJane's marketplace: https://www.hostjane.com/marketplace/categories/web-mobile-tech-freelancers

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